torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Getting dirt under my nails…

I surely have my ups and downs when it comes to gardening, my green house, getting rid of weeds, etc. Each fall I say to myself: ‘Next year I’ll take a break.’ But when the rays of spring start to shine, something inside of me comes to life and once again I feel the urge to plant some seeds. It’s always so fascinating and it’s a miracle every time to see when the seeds start to grow!

This year my ambitions have not been that high. Sure, I have planted some potatoes, beans, lettuce, dill and carrots. But I can honestly say that it’s not going that great – it lacks a great deal of both love and care... However, I am already trying to prepare for an upcoming year of gardening, and hopefully a greater harvest than this year.

Until a week ago, we had an old barn in our back yard. It has served several masters during it’s 140 years, a clog maker, my husbands motorcycle, our children’s joinery workshop, and storage for both gardening tools and lawn mowers. But it came to the point when we felt the barn needed to come to a rest. There were holes in the roof and every time we walked in on the wobbly floor, it felt like a risk. It was time for the ground it stood on to serve another purpose – a vegetable garden!

In about 24 hours the barn was nothing but a memory, except for blisters in my hands and aching muscles... The day after, we started to lay the foundation for the green house and I hope for many years of both tomatoe- and cucumber harvests.

There’s still lots of sketching to be done in regards to the sorrounding areas. I do have a few thoughts in my ‘little head’, they just haven’t come out yet on paper. Moreover, my husband usually comes up with such great ideas! I’ll wait and see what he has to say.

Probably not a bad idea to give my little helper a bath before bedtime... (ps. her mother is not to blame for the ’pretty’ nailpolish;)

Until we meet again, be blessed!

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